Friday, June 24, 2011

Sue Sweet Of You!

Dear Mom,

You are thought of sweetly and lovingly by, us, your children and to our friends who look up to you as their mom. And as tattered as this line may seem, nonetheless, we’re sending you our warm wishes to enjoy life’s many surprises filled with more love, hope and inspiration. May this year bring more glory to God as you serve him unceasingly in humble yet genuine ways. Thanks for living by that example. You are loved beyond the list of people you know. Thanks for teaching us the value of generosity and considering giving as a privilege. May this year be better than the last… Continue to let God and let life surprise you with more happy moments and lasting memories…

"Its the LIFE in your years,
Not the years in your life that counts..."
-Abraham Lincoln-

Happy Sweet Birthday Mom!

With love from all of us,


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