Sunday, January 12, 2014

Matthew's 7th Marvel Party

Thrown a party for my 7-year old boy who persistently ask me for a superhero party. So we decorate our house, and the place looks like we're celebrating 4th of July in January! I got my inspiration from Kara's Party Ideas (superhero theme!) and costumize according to my preference. There are tons of ideas out there. The only key thing for me to materialize all the details of your event, is that you have to put ample time and a clean timetable. For my son's event, I did it all in 4-weekends. Thats the only time I have since Im working full-time. Hope this gets you inspired, and plan ahead for your loveone's birthday, I must say the photobooth was a hit for the kids and the parents too. Oh and the balloon arch, tons of videos in youtube! Goodluck!

Thanks for dropping by...