Wednesday, October 2, 2013

...Minions For Children's Day...

Hello there! Welcome to my blog.

Today, Im going to share on a project I (We) made (with other half's collaboration) for my son's giveaways.

Hubby and I made something fun and artsy the other night for my son's party in school this coming Friday. Matthew had been quite fond with the Minions that he asked me if i can make some for his friends like a goody bag.

And being the crafty Mom, I cant say no to a challenge, though it was thought to difficult and tedious. To make it fast and easy, you gotta sort things out/plan how to make it systematically. One thing good though was that, hubby played around with me and was somehow showing particular interest with my craft tools. And even promised to buy my a cutting machine for Christmas *wink*. Cant wait for Christmas.

               Any A4 size craft paper (preferably 220gsm) for goody bag
               Printable Minion Eyes.
               Black paper sheet (Eyes/Specs backround)

               Then, you can just put them all together. Paste here and there.



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Dyan said...

Tita buy kna ng silhoutte mo... It helps a lot!!!

margaret uy said...

My sponsor will buy one for me this coming Christmas. :-)

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