Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY -- Washi Wheel Tutorial

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Today's post is something quite different. Its a brief tutorial about a project which was inspired from Allreadymemories's Washi Wheel. This came quite timely, since I was looking for a storage unit to hold all of my washi tapes together. I dont have much but I love to keep them handy, within reach and easy access.

And since the washi wheel sold online was quite hefty for me (considering the exchange rate + shipping cost), it had been very discouraging. So I asked my husband if he can help me DIY something similar. So we bought all that we need from a local craft store keeping in mind the dimension that requires less alteration.

  i. 2pcs Circular Wood:  6" in diameter and about 10mm thickness.
 ii. 6pcs wooden rods: 11" in length and 10mm diameter
iii. 1pc wooden rod: 12" in length and 10mm diameter

iv. 1pc 9"x12" rectangular wood for the base.
v. 2pcs 2"x 4.5" wooden stand

Wood drill with 10mm drill bit
Hammer  + Nails
Ruler + Pencil

Here's how:
1. Spinning Wheel.Find the center of the wooden circle.  
Divide the circle into 6parts (60deg/part) using a protractor. 
Mark the location for the rod holes. You may use below as a guide.  
Drill hole on each mark using 10mm drill bit.
Tip: To achieve good alignment between the 2 woods, you may clamped them and drill at the same time.

Result should look similar to this.
Note: Holes are 10mm from the edge.

2. Base. Prepare 2 wooden stands 2"W X 4.5"L
   Drill on one end to create a slot, about 10mm in diameter.
   This will accommodate the spindle of the wheel.

3. Nail the two stands in the middle on the wooden base.You can use a screw to make the stand sturdy and able to hold the weight of the tapes later on.

4. Start putting in the rods in the holes. Note that the center rod is longer as this will be the supporting rod that will rotate the wheel. At this point, you can start putting in the tapes. About 15 tapes in a rod.

5.Cover the other end with the other circular wood.
 About half an inch should protrude at both ends of the wheel.

6. Finally, you have your own washi wheel.
   I'll finish this with spray paint in teal or white.

 Thanks for dropping. If you have questions, do drop me an email or  leave a comment here.


funessa said...

Thank you soooo much for posting this tutorial! I made a washi wheel yesterday with my husband and I absolutely love it! The only problem is it's too empty.... I need to buy more washi tape, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I made this today with my husband and I love it. Thank you for sharing.

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