Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jenny & Daniel's Souvenir LO

So far this has been the first under 3-hour layout that I have done.But inspite of that, Im happy and equally satisfied with how it turned out. Lovely I should say, forgive me for saying this. I need to constantly encourage myself with praises to continue.I have to admit laziness sometimes overpower my will to do a layout. And yet sometimes, I find hugging pillows and going under the sheet is far better than holding scissors. My ex-boyfriend (now my husband) would often tell me that I sleep long like a baby, like I need 10hours of sleep. Dozing off at 9, and waking up at 7. Zzzzz...

Anyway, I feel anxious to give this to my friend. Mixed emotions somehow to know that soon in 2 weeks time, she'll not be around anymore and the morning chat that we usually have will be missed. But wherever she will be, Im so glad she has drawn enough courage to pull it off.Finally. See you around my friend, Jenny. `

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bebang said...

im sure jenny will be happy with this elegant LO! :)

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